Report from TDSR Dinner Meeting on March 1, 2018

At our March 1, 2018 dinner meeting, we had the pleasure to hear from two important community engagement initiatives; first, Anne Heine, Community Outreach Manager and Vanessa Rodriguez, Community Coordinator, Metro Health, presented the Healthy Start neighborhood  engagement program which has been making a difference in our high risk neighborhood in the west, south and northeast San Antonio. They also provided information concerning the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIRM) which was reinstated after a four-year gap due to lack of funding. This initiative helps identify and improve gaps in the service systems and community resources available to mothers, infants, and families in San Antonio and Bexar County. This presentation generated great interest and was followed by a prolonged Q&A.
Next, Liz Lutz, Executive Director of Bexar County Health Collaborative and Luis Solis, Director of Programs and Community Engagement presented the pilot project The Pathways Community HUB. This is a comprehensive care navigation model that addresses several of the determinants of health at the home level. This care program model was first implemented in Ohio by Drs. Sarah and Mark Redding to decrease the incidence of low-birth weight infants through care navigation. After 10 years of improvements and modifications, the HUB Pathways program is being successfully applied in Ohio and other stated including New Mexico.
Please see link for more information about this program at
This presentation also generated lots of interest and questions in the attendees.   We believe that this model of community care working in coordination with other organizations providing care navigation in the field like Healthy Start may be successful in improving the outcomes of high risk, vulnerable moms and their babies in our communities.