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September 2018 TDSR Dinner Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order at 7:15pm by Dr. Estrada.

Attendance sheet passed around by Alwyn – 11 attendees.

  • Each attendee introduced themselves and provided a summary of their background and interest in TDSR’s goals.
  • Richard Switzer, Pediatrician from CommuniCare Health Centers welcomed as official new member.
  • Alwyn Mathew provided a summary of his background, as group welcomed him as TDSR’s Director of Communications and Membership. Alwyn graduated with his MPH in August 2018 and served as a Healthcare Policy Intern with Methodist Healthcare Ministries previously. He hopes to pursue medical school in the future.Self-introductions and welcome of new member.

Report on Recent and Future Activities (Dr. Estrada)

  • Faith-Based Initiative of the City of San Antonio is sponsoring a conference on 9/20/18 entitled: “Caring for our Mothers, a gathering of Faith, Family and Medicine”. Estrada is a member of the planning committee and encouraged the group to attend and invite others.  Dr. Estrada passed out a flyer with details regarding speakers and topics.
  • NHMA/TDSR Southwest Regional Policy Forum. Urby  provided a brief summary of our co-sponsorship of this event, to take place on Oct. 11, 2018, at the Marriot Courtyard on N. St. Mary’s St.  A draft agenda was distributed with confirmed speakers – pending topics and presentation titles.  Next steps include advertising the event and promoting online registration.  Mr. Javier Roman volunteered to help TDSR with promotion and communications strategies (press conference, releases, etc.)
  • Estrada informed the group of his op-ed published in the SA Express News on Sunday, Sept. 2. The article was written in opposition to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Dr. Estrada noted this judge’s opposition to the ACA and his stance on executive power.

Special Presentation by Donna Kreuzer to share her family’s experience with the tragic loss of her daughter to Post-Partum Depression (PPD).

  • Donna shared an impassioned story of her daughter’s wonderful life, as well as her desperate struggles to fight PPD.  The group was very grateful to Donna for informing us about the severity of this condition and how each of us, as individuals and as a group, can educate others about PPD and encourage all of us to advocate for changes in health coverage, early detection, and treatment of this preventable tragedy.

Special Presentation by Dr. Craig Hilburn of Sage Therapeutics.

  • Craig summarized his company’s efforts to bring to market a new hormonal treatment for PPD.  Craig emphasized key facts about the prevalence of PPD, with over 400,000 cases per yr. in the U.S.  PPD can have profound effects on families and infants born to mothers with PPD.  He also noted that patients can remain on their current anti-depressant therapies while taking the new drug (Allopregnanolone Analog).  Clinical trials have demonstrated remarkable efficacy of this treatment, which requires a 60-hour IV infusion of this hormonal treatment.   Craig informed the group that the drug is currently under FDA review, and an oral preparation under study.

The presentation was followed by Q&A and the group thanked Donna for sharing her story and Dr. Hilburn for his presentation.

Adjournment – Estrada reminded the group that TDSR will not meet on the first Thursday of October, as we were hosting the Regional Forum on Oct. 11.  A motion and second for adjournment was made and motion passed to adjourn at approximately 8:40pm.

Draft minutes compiled by R. M. Urby.

Download these minutes here