Ted Fox Discusses Health Outcomes And Statistics On Maternal Mortality In Texas

On November 2, 2017, Ted Fox gave us a dry run on his upcoming TEDx presentation on the health outcomes and current statistics on maternal mortality in Texas at the TDSR Monthly dinner meeting at the India Palace.  The presentation also included California efforts to address maternal mortality and morbidity. Please try to find Ted on the above picture taken by me. The presentation was well received and attendees made relevant comments and suggestions to his presentation.  Ted is a retired healthcare executive with a vast knowledge of health care issues. During the presentation, Ted told the story of a family who would lose their mother to hemorrhage after what appeared to be a normal childbirth. Seeing the faces of the mother and her family left lasting impressions on the attendees. Ted ended his presentation with a call to action.

Ted’s presentation started the discussions about TDSR’s current priority which is to decrease maternal mortality rate in the state of Texas. One of the strategies members brainstormed about would promote the expansion of primary care coverage of mothers up to one year postpartum, and the implementation of maternal perinatal care hospital protocols in Texas similar to California’s. We are looking to continue the conversation at our next meeting in December 7. Our guest will be Evelyn Delgado, an expert in maternal morbidity and mortality issues in Texas.