Texas Doctors for Social Responsibility Membership Dinner December 2017 Meeting Report/ Minutes

Despite the snow, quite unusual for San Antonio, several members of our group met with Evelyn Delgado, President and CEO of Healthy Futures of Texas and Charter member of the Texas Mortality and Morbidity Task Force at the India Palace on Thursday, December 7, to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Task Force.  Attendees were: Ms. Delgado, Nuala Sinisi, Rudy Urby, Ted Fox, Erica Salinas, Nicole Michael and Jaime Estrada. Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Ms. Delgado’s presentation was followed by Q&A and animated discussion by the attendees. Efforts to diminish maternal mortality in California were also presented by our Board member Ted Fox. Ms. Delgado also provided brochures about her organization Healthy Futures of Texas. The dinner meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Key points from the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity reports are:

  • Almost 80% of maternal deaths occurred after 7 days postpartum.
    • Of these, drug overdose was the most frequent cause of death, following by cardiac event, homicide, and suicide.
  • 21% of maternal deaths occurred during pregnancy or within 7 days postpartum.
    • Of these, the most common causes of maternal death included hemorrhage, cardiac event, and amniotic embolism.
  • Of the 382 total confirmed maternal deaths that occurred in 2010 and 2012, DSHS categorized 48% (182) as pregnancy related.
    • For nearly 70% of pregnancy-related deaths, prevention efforts before 60 days postpartum may be crucial.
  • Of the 382 deaths, DSHS categorized 52% (200) as pregnancy-associated.
    • In contrast, prevention activities after 60 days postpartum may be critical for addressing nearly 80% of pregnancy-associated deaths.
    • The number of drug overdoses and suicides show the need for behavioral health services during and after pregnancy.

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Jaime Estrada, MD and Nicole Michael

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